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Environmental Solutions

Supporting our clients with safe, reliable and sustainable operations.
Whatever your industry we provide independent professional advice & information to ensure you remain compliant with laws and legislation.

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Environmental Solutions

Whatever your business or industry, our experienced health and safety professionals are there to assist you with the complicated array of health and safety legislation, ensuring compliance and reducing the potential of enforcement action or civil claims for negligence.

MIRA Health and Safety Environmental Consultancy Services


Once we know your risks and establish your overall objectives and targets we can work with you to develop high level plans to achieve your ambitions and get into the nitty-gritty of it all through the development of systems of works, procedures, processes and instructions.

Once all this is in place we can deliver full audit programmes to ensure your systems are being adequately maintained and work with you to drive continual improvement. 

MIRA Health and Safety Waste Control Consultancy Services


There is a lot of environmental legislation in place today and themes of environmental protection and sustainability are now key factors in business and industry. In order that you can meet your legal requirements you need to understand what your risks are.

Once you understand your risk you can prioritise and plan to address any issues you have identified through thorough environmental risk assessments conducted by us.

MIRA Health and Safety Hazard & Risk Identification


There are many projects involve environmental issues which means assessment, risk review, sampling / analysis, reporting and even install / build of infrastructure to mitigate / control risk. This can be a diverse area with various input requirements from air pollution through to ecology, geology and everything else that may impact with a project.

Our experience within the environmental arena means we that we are able to offer full environmental project management services – managing and co-ordinating all of these varied elements for you.

MIRA Health and Safety Consultancy Services


Our Environmental Auditing / Compliance services focus on environmental risk. Our auditing services can be provided as a standalone one-off solution (part of systems development) or as ongoing environmental management of your company.

It is also a component part our Environmental Risk Assessment service and follows a similar overall environmental approach.

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Drive Compliance and Promote a Positive Health & Safety Culture within the Workforce.

Managing Health & Safety has never been easier!

If you would like to find out how My HSE Manager can help you can achieve compliance please contact us. 

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MIRA's My HSE Manager is a web-based management system that optimises business performance, enables regulatory compliance, and streamlines ISO initiatives.

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