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Meet Compliance Obligations

We work with clients across a variety of industries: Automotive, Construction, Commercial, Residential, Demolition, Civil, Mining, Oil & Gas and other specialised Industries to ensure legal compliance is obtained.

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MIRA Health & Safety Services

Solutions designed to help our clients proactively manage health and safety in the workplace and surrounding communities.

MIRA Health and Safety Consultancy Services


MIRA's health & safety consultants understand what it takes to help our clients make a positive impact on their safety culture. Our mission is simple – help businesses manage risk today to drive continuous improvement within the workplace. We partner with our clients to establish, implement, and transform occupational health and safety management systems. To help our clients achieve sustainable and reliable performance, we tailor bespoke solutions to protect their employees and assets. Our health and safety consultants pride themselves on a thorough understanding of UK regulations and their ability implement effective and efficient programs that have a real impact on protecting the health, safety and wellbeing of a company personnel.

MIRA Health and Safety Consultancy Services


Our health and safety management manuals are individually designed to meet the requirements of your business. The manuals provide you with a safety system designed specifically to meet your business needs. They are easy to understand and simple to use. We offer instruction and training for directors, managers and safety officers in their use.

The manuals are designed to meet the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974. It will help reduce the likelihood of accident or incidents and will demonstrate that you are implementing best practice throughout your organisation. We can also upload your completed Health and Safety Management System into our online HSE Manager so we can review, update and amend documentation online reducing expensive or excessive visits to your business premises. 

MIRA Health and Safety Hazard & Risk Identification


Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment are critical components to any workplace safety process.

We can simplify this exercise for you by assisting you to identify your workplace hazards, help to document them and develop your Risk Register by assessing the level of risk the hazards pose and provide cost effective recommendations on how best to control them.

Our risk assessment service assists our clients who don’t have the time, expertise or knowledge to undertake and document this critical process. 

MIRA Health and Safety Consultancy Services


It is recommended best practice that your Safety System is audited regularly to assess its overall effectiveness within your business. An Annual Audit will establish how well any current Safety System serves your needs while providing a calculated view of how effectively your system and practices are performing, if at all.

Your Safety System provides records that demonstrates your companies' commitment to continual improvement within health and safety.

We can audit your existing system and assess its effectiveness both as a workable safety system and for compliance with the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974. All Audits include a full report complete with recommendations. 

Drive Compliance and Promote a Positive Health & Safety Culture within the Workforce.

Managing Health & Safety has never been easier!

If you would like to find out how My HSE Manager can help you can achieve compliance please contact us. 

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A member of Northants Chamber of Commerce

MIRA HSE is a member of Northampton Chamber of Commerce

The Northampton Chamber of Commerce represents over a third of the Northamptonshire workforce.
The Chamber is the proud winner of four British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) national Chamber Awards in the last 3 years.


MIRA's My HSE Manager is a web-based management system that optimises business performance, enables regulatory compliance, and streamlines ISO initiatives.

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