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My HSE Manager

The most sophisticated online Health and Safety Management system on the market today! Want to attain compliance with HSG65 or ISO 9001 / 18001 / 45001? My HSE Managers enables you to implement and streamline your companies entire health and safety management program easily and effortlessly.

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About My HSE Manager

The complete all-in-one solution for your companies Health and Safety Management and Control of Work (CoW) Operations.  Access all your health and safety documentation, data, statistics, reports and metrics while viewing operational work activities in real-time from a single location, anywhere, at anytime and from any device.

My HSE Manager

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System Features


The dashboard provides a real-time overview of the organisations office's and worksite's data and stastics. Statistics generated from accident and incident reports are automatically collated and displayed on the dashboard in real-time. The dashboard also provides the ability to produce and display company safety notices and safety information which is accessible by all users.


Provide users with only the permissions and access they require within the system. The permission options enables administrators to authorise users access to view company Policies, Procedures, Documentation (Accident/Incident Reports, Risk Assessments, Job Safety Analysis, Permits, Certificates and much more) as well as authorise access to operational activities on single or multiple worksites.


Our new planning and scheduling application enables users to add and create "To Do" list's for worksite activities, select status, add due dates, add additional notes, upload documents, assign priorties (High/Medium/Low)  and add comments. Additional functionality allows for users to add other users to the To Do list which notifies them via email. All To Do's can be dragged and dropped onscreen to priorties activities.


This latest application allows for users to receive email notifications to their personal mobile devices when messages, calendar events and "to do's" from within the system are sent. The mail notification includes a link in which the users is redirected back into the system to review the information of which they have been included.


Control of Work (CoW) has never been easier. Authorised users create Work Permits, Risk Assessments, Job Safety Analysis, Isolation / ByPass Certificates and upload them into the Operational Database for review and authorisation by assigned Primary and Secondary authorities prior to work commencing.


All company Health, Safety and Environmental data is recorded and secured within the system and is readily available for internal or external auditing. Data and Statics are gathered from Accident and Incident Reports, Stop Card Safety Programs, Work Orders and Action’s Registers and much more.


Promote a positive health and safety culture within your organisation. The Stop Card Program assists users in identifying unsafe working practices or unsafe working conditions. Stop Cards generated by users remain open until work is undertaken safely or the worksite is made safe. Data and statics are automatically recorded within the Stop Card Program and are viewable by Day, Week, Month, Year or custom dates.


Easily create accident or incident reports in real-time from any device. Record all related information within the form and upload photographs from a mobile device directly into the report. Include additional documentation and statements, and identify and assign responsible persons to close out open actions while the system automatically records and calculates statistics.


Safely secure all your companies health, safety and environmental documentation within secure folders or provide read/write or read only access to authorised users. Easily add Legislation, Regulatory and Guidance documents and make them accessible from shared folders.


The Instant Messaging service enables all your organisations health and safety correspondence and documentation to remain on a single platform. It enables users to quickly and easily compose, attach, send and receive messages along with the ability to create and personalise inbox folders. 


Authorised users of the Actions Register can create actions which enable critical safety issues to be highlighted and recorded. The register identifies: Responsible Departments, Origin of Safety Issues, Target Dates, Responsible Action Parties, Action Status (Open/Closed) and Planned Remedial Actions. Actions registers are viewable to authorised users only.


The health and safety Notice Board allows assigned safety users to display Monthly Safety Campaigns, Safety Stastics, Safety Posters, Information and Advice. Additionally, insert links from company safety campaigns and information to external web sources or to Legal, Regulatory and Guidance sources. Provide automatic start and removal dates to notices while quickly and easily reactivating notices previously used.


Authorised users can easily create Risk Assessments for high-risk low frequency work activities. All risk assessments generated are assigned a unique identification number which cannot be duplicated and are saved within a users individual account. Risk assessments are made available to the user for uploading along with Permits to Work when creating assigned work activities within the operational database. Digital signatures are required by authorised users when creating risk assessments.


Authorised users can quickly and easily create a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for all low-risk high frequency work activities. All JSA's require hazards to be identified and discussed with team members via the systems "Hazard Checklist" whereby digital signatures are required by all team members. The JSA is saved within a users individual account and is available for uploading along with Permits to Work when creating assigned work activities.


The Permit to Work system is part of a Safe System of Work and consists of four Permits; Hot Work, Cold Work, Confined Space Work and Excavation Work. All permits require Primary and Secondary digital signatures to authorise work activities. Additionally, all Isolation and Bypass Certificates require digital signatures prior to activation. The system also facilitates the ability to incorporate an organisations already established Permit to Work system within its' operational database.


The operational database is where authorised users upload associated documents for the next day’s work activities. These documents are then made available for review and authorisation by assigned Primary and Secondary authorities prior to work commencing. The database provides a complete list of operational worksite activities, isolation and bypasses, names of users who have raised permits and types of permits raised. Any documentation requiring a physical presence onsite can be printed and displayed by the user.


My HSE Manager has been designed to obtain compliance with both company standards and legal requirements. All Risk Assessments, Job Safety Analysis, Permits to Work, Isolation and ByPass Certificates require authorisation by the user and assigned company representatives (Primary and Secondary authorities) to ensure these requirements are met.


Regardless of the size of your business or whether you operate a single business unit or a number of offices, sites or facilities throughout a country or globally. My HSE Manager brings about all your health and safety documentation, statistics, reports and operational activities to a single point, providing complete visibility and transparency of your entire organisations health, safety and environmental performance accessible from anywhere on any device.


Allow users to create Work Orders for unsafe equipment or materials which require attention, repair or replacement. Any Work Orders raised are automatically submitted and made available to the assigned supervisor for immediate attention. Work Orders statics are also indicated on dashboards and are trackable until successfully completed, closed out and archived.


Enable the Calendar function only to those users that require it. Assign health and safety inspections, audits and walk throughs to authorised users through the preset "drag & drop" function. Quickly and easily schedule and invite users to the next health and safety meeting or forcast site or office safety campaigns.


My HSE Manager is designed to be accessible from any device, so no matter where in the World you are or whatever device you are using, you can quickly and easily access all of your organisation health and safety information and data in real-time.


We ensure your data is safely archived within your account for future reference. Whether your industry requires you to open and close sites, facilities or locations you can easily access previous operational activities, documentation and accident and incident information as required.

My HSE Manager is now Mobile!

MIRA Health and Safety Consultancy Services

The release of our My HSE Manager App enables our clients to access their organisations entire Health and Safety Management System and Control of Work information from any Apple or Android mobile device at anytime and from anywhere.

Drive Compliance and Promote a Positive Health & Safety Culture within the Workforce.

Managing Health & Safety has never been easier!

If you would like to find out how My HSE Manager can help you can achieve compliance please contact us. 

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MIRA's My HSE Manager is a web-based management system that optimises business performance, enables regulatory compliance, and streamlines ISO initiatives.

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